Dave saves, RVP skill, United passing & more GIFs from the Fulham game

Manchester United opened up a 9 point lead at the top of the Premier League thanks to a hard fought victory versus Fulham at Craven Cottage (and City drawing with Liverpool).
United recalled Antonio Valencia and Nani to the wings and Thomas Cleverley came back into midfield to partner Michael Carrick. Nemanja Vidic was rested with the game v Everton in mind (expecting a an aerial battle).

The game got off to a frantic start, both teams forcing good saves from the respective keepers as well striking the woodwork. The game was decided with just over 10 minutes to go, Wayne Rooney who was a threat all game calmly finding the corner as he strode into the Fulham area.
The Reds withstood the late Fulham pressure to put themselves in a brilliant position with 13 games to go.

There was lots of quality on show, here are my Top GIFs…

1. David de Gea save

David de Gea save v Fulham GIF

At first glance this effort from Ruiz was unlucky to hit the bar, on replays you can see that the fingertips of David de Gea forced it onto the post. A brilliant save that if not made would have seen the ball strike the inside of the post and maybe had give Fulham the lead.

2. United passing

Manchester United passing GIF Tika Taka

Great passing from United as thye move the ball from Rio Ferdinand at the back through the middle with a series of passes and out wide to Nani. His deflected effort just evades the far post/Wayne Rooney.

United had another nice spell of 1 touch passing which was eventually laid out wide by Robin van Persie in the first half.

3. Wayne Rooney touch

Rooney touch GIF

Yes it was a foul which helped him get to the ball, but the touch by Wayne Rooney is fantastic as he keeps it in play and in his control.

4. Robin van Persie skill

Robin van persie Man Utd skill GIF

Fantastic skill from Robin van Persie as he takes the ball on his chest, takes a touch and then lays a pass off all in one movement. Classy play from a classy player.

5. Jonny Evans touch

Jonny Evans skill touch GIF

Jonny Evans intercepts a Fulham diagonal with a stunning first touch which brings it down perfectly for him to lay the ball off and see United regain possession.

Which was your favourite GIF moment? Vote in the poll below the Bonus GIFs and share your choice on Twitter using the ‘Tweet Link’ under each one.

The Man United Goal

Wayne Rooney 1-0 Replays

Bonus United GIFs

David de Gea save from Riise shot
Nani shows great skill to keep a long ball in play
Patrice Evra flying volley interception
Great United passing, Cleverley ball, Van Persie skill play
Nice Javier Hernandez turn and run as United look to see time out
Crunching injury time Jonny Evans tackle

SAF and Anderson share a joke after the final whistle > Insert your own joke

8 thoughts on “Dave saves, RVP skill, United passing & more GIFs from the Fulham game

  1. nokkonwud

    I want to vote for Rooney because it’s so rare his first touch is even good, let alone divine, but ultimately it’s a foul, so I can’t go for that.

    Jonny definitely learned a thing or two from Dimitar!

    But I have to go for that save from De Gea. In a weekend where we’ve seen keepers beaten from range (Hart [twice], Cech), make comedy errors (Cech and Reina), and just not react well (Cech [see a pattern?] and Krul), so to see a save from an absolute howitzer of a shot like that, with lightening reactions was just incredible to see and, for me, denied a certain goal. Just brilliant.

  2. van

    Have to go for the passing. Dave save and Evan touch were nice, but so many teams make passing boring these days, it’s nice to see us change the tempo once in a while.

  3. effiko

    `i’l go for evans touch ….. berbatov-esque ……buh i loved dat evra’s interception woulda been in my top5 ….. nice work bro


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