Is David de Gea that bad? His best GIF moments of the season so far…

With talk all over the media and twitter about David De Gea and his Manchester United future, I thought I would share some of the moments of brilliance he has produced this season.

I’m not saying he is perfect, and at 22 years old still has a lot to learn but for me, there has been improvement in his weaker areas this season as well as his continued excellence at shot stopping and his distribution from feet.

Here are some of his best moments so far this season…

1. Shot stopping

v Chelsea

De Gea save v Chelsea GIF

Brilliant save to keep United 2-0 at going into Half Time at Stamford Bridge. v Newcastle

v Aston Villa

de gea save v villa

After getting back in the game to 2-2, De Gea kept United level with his reflex save from a powerful header 6 yards out.

v Newcastle

De gEa save gif

With Cisse looking odds on to score, De Gea produces this amazing save to keep the ball out.

 v Man City

De GEa saves gif

Great first save from Tevez, outstanding second save from a point blank Silva effort.

2. Punching improvement

David de Gea GIF MUFC

His much highlighted in the media weakness at dealing with the high ball has also improved this season. Here a few examples v Manchester City and Aston Villa (above).

3. With the ball at his feet


A real pro in his game is his ability with the ball at his feet. There is no crowd fear when a backpass is heading his way. He is capable of starting counter attacks with pin point passes as seen v West Ham and v West Brom (above) as well as using his feet to get out of trouble like we saw v Fulham

What the future is for this promising young Spanish keeper is anyone’s guess, but he is far from the failure many seem to want to paint him as. At 22 years old, not many of the worlds best keepers were in goal for one of the biggest clubs in the country.
Do we have time to help develop him into a world class keeper? A quick look at the table and upcoming fixtures suggests the club is doing well enough for him to be given the chance.


15 thoughts on “Is David de Gea that bad? His best GIF moments of the season so far…

  1. Kimi Jay Jamalus (@kimi_jay)

    DdG himself needs to see this. Block out all typical English media put-down and keep on improving. You’re right, he’s not perfect but he’s still 22 years old, which is relatively young for a footballer, let along one playing a goalie.

    I don’t think he is costing us games as some suggests. I don’t have the stats to back me up but I think he has one of the highest numbers of saves made, which shouldn’t be the case as those shots shouldn’t come to him in the first place!

    I say stick him in the goal until the end of the season

  2. Michael Betts

    Brilliant and important post. So many more positives to focus on rather than negatives with De Gea.

    Also, in unrelated note, I’m very impressed you’ve managed to keep up with the posts given the little bundle of joy that’s recently come into your life. You are clearly taking the United>Kids>Wife motto literally!

    1. beautifullyred Post author

      haha its been tough, I owe my wife many treats for letting me find time right now!

      DDG makes a mistake and we drop points and its huge yet he gets no recognition for his contribution in creating a 5 points lead at the top.

      1. Victoria

        He has the third highest saves per shots ratio according to opta, so only 2 other keepers are better than him. Think he’s doing brilliantly for someone so young…imagine what he will be like in a few years time! 🙂

  3. Michael

    Media is a conglomeration of United bashers, so it’s no surprise they want to blame one measly mistake from a fantastic young keeper, without whom the score would be much more dramatic! This young man saved a double-deflected shot with his shin! WITH HIS SHIN, YOU SHYTES! I’ve seen Joe Hart, England’s beloved wall, let a goal go through his arm pits! MORE THAN ONCE INFACT! This kid is going to be great! It’s only a matter of time and patience! And it depends on which club is willing to give him this!

  4. Bodey

    Imagine the abuse every other keeper gets when United score in injury time…. DeGea is still learning his trade and at the ripe age of 22 he is a brilliant starter and continues to improve. Great post to highlight his amazing saves. He is surely a top three keeper in the league.

    We were spoiled with the great veteran VDS. DdG will be that veteran someday. The abuse is surely people looking to scapegoat. Nobody blaming the front of the squad for not finishing their chances.

  5. MJ

    the treatment of dave is absolutely embarassing. people (like g-nev) who say that his saves against spurs count for nothing if he makes a costly error in the end seem to forget that, taking away what only dave himself kept out, at that point we could have been dead and burried already. i’d even go as far as to suggest that for example with lindegaard in goal, we would’nt have been 1-0 ahead when dempsey struck. his punching, albeit quite probably not yet perfect, has drastically improved, no doubt about it. i’ll bite my ass countless times if we decide to let him go. but i’m very confident that the men whose opinions actually count for something know what a brilliant keeper we have here. just look at his improvements over the last 1 1/2 years, then imagine him with 25.

  6. matt

    I hope De Gea see’s this post and reads the comments and knows i would rather have him in goal than any other goalkeeper in the world

  7. DF

    He’s agile, he’s quick, he’s sure footed and cool under pressure for the most part. I think his main weakness is one of communication, being Spanish and all. Had he been more vocal when making the punch on Sunday, would Vidic have impeded him? Probably not, but then that’s part of the learning curve. I think Lindegaard is also a good keeper, very respectable back-up, but DDG is just sheer class and will no doubt iron any chinks to his formidable armour sooner rather than later.

    Top site, top bloke, keep it up 🙂

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