Vote in the December GIF Moment of the Month Poll

November saw Man United produce plenty of moments of high quality and drama over their League and European fixtures.

I have decided to not include any goals scored, and instead focus on other beautiful moments to have occurred during the games.

Here are my top 5 selections of the GIF moments to appear on Beautifully Red in November. Relive each one and then vote for your favourite in the poll below.

1. Anderson Pass, then finish (v Reading)

Anderson goal v Reading

Whilst I’m not including goals in the Poll, this moment gets nominated for the brilliant first time pass on the turn and volley out to Ashley Young. He makes sure there is a end product to his pass by getting onto the return and smashing it home.

2. Danny Welbeck run, skill and pass (v Cluj)

Danny Welbeck MUFC skill GIF

A quiet month for Danny Welbeck in terms of appearances.  I loved this moment v Cluj when he picks up the ball and runs at the defence complete with beautiful skill and pass out wide.

3. Tika Taka football 1 (v Sunderland)

Manchester United tika taka GIF

Stunning one touch tika taka football from the Reds as the move their way across the pitch and into attack. Beautiful.

4. Tika Taka football 2 (v Sunderland)

Man Utd tika taka gif rvp

More stunning football from United as the play some brilliant one touch football, capped by a wonderful piece of skill by Robin van Persie to pass the ball to Wayne Rooney.

5. Michael Carrick assist (v Newcastle)

Carrick pass, Hernandez goal MUFc v Newcastle GIF

Last minute and United in search of a desperate late winner, Michael Carrick produced this moment of class to find Javier Hernandez who slid home United’s 4th for Victory.

So there are the 5 nominees, Vote for your favourite in the poll below…

Previous GIF of the Month Winners and Runners up

August (Winner – Robin van Persie)
September (Winner – Antonio Valencia)
October (Winner – David de Gea)
November (Winner – Rafael)


15 thoughts on “Vote in the December GIF Moment of the Month Poll

  1. Michael Betts

    “I have decided to not include any goals scored, and instead focus on other beautiful moments to have occurred during the games.”…..and this sentence sums up why I love Beautifully Red and look forward to it each week.

    Anyway, was very tempted to vote to Tika Taka 2, but then I remembered the comparison you pointed out between the Danny Welbeck moment and the Ruud van Nistelrooy/Welbeck clip on YouTube from when he was a kid, so had to vote for that one.

  2. Daniel

    Had to go for the Ando pass and goal. Amazing technique and I love how he just made his mind up when getting the ball back to just slam the ball home. Unstoppable. Been so many pieces of play this month though…

      1. nokkonwud

        I remember Veron doing something similar at full speed during a right-wing attack against Everton(?) many years back. Players who can think to do that at that tempo are few and far between.

  3. nokkonwud

    I had to go for the Anderson one, I don’t remember any attention being drawn to either the pass or the finish when it was covered on TV which is a travesty because that first time hooked pass is as good as any you’ll see and beyond that the strike was hit incredibly well giving the keeper no chance.

    It was a tough call between that and Tiki Taka 1.

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  5. cyrhceum

    since i’m Carrick’s fanboy, it really difficult to not choose number 5 😀
    but, tbh, that moment is the moment when i almost make all my neighborhoods call 911 to arrest me :D.
    it never happened before 😀


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