Best Utd GIFs from the Swansea game inc RVP Skill and touch

Manchester United finally drew a game this season and put an end to their recent winning streak after a 1-1 draw at Swansea City.

United took the lead through Patrice Evra whos odds as the first goalscorer would have been at the high end (Find the best free bets online with FREEbets), but Swansea fought back and leveled through Michu.
The Reds will be disappointed to not win the game as the second half saw them get into great attacking positions on several occasions only for a bad final pass to let them down.

Not all doom and gloom, 4 points clear at the top of the table with 2 home fixtures over Christmas. There were also plenty of moments during the game to enjoy. Here are my top 5 GIF Moments…

1. Robin van Persie flick

Robin van persie skill GIF Manchester United

Its been a joy to be able to watch and enjoy Robin van Persie since he signed for United, especially for moments like this. Brilliant skill to play a flick pass with a dropping ball.
Wayne Rooney produced similar with this cheeky flick pass.

2. Patrice Evra shoulder pass

Patrice Evra shoulder pass gif v swansea

With a Swansea goal kick heading his way, Evra finds himself battling for position to get to the ball first. Losing this battles he drops a shoulder in front of his marker to use it to pass the ball to another United shirt. Brilliant improvisation.

3. Robin van Persie touch

Robin van Persie touch control man utd v swansea GIF

A nice pass from Tom Cleverley towards Van Persie inside the Swansea box is superbly brought down by the Dutchman.

4. Robin van Persie volley

Robin van persie volley crossbar v swansea GIF

Robin van Persie shows off his world class technique with this vollied effort that hits the crossbar. Ball in from Rooney is amazingly hit on the turn and over the defenders head to leave the Keeper holding his breathe as it sadly hits the bar.
Last replay is stunning.

5. Michael Carrick pass

Michael Carrick pass v Swansea GIF

Michael Carrick was again United’s best player, this his BR highlight. A stunning pass from inside his own box to get Hernandez in control on the break.
He also hit this brilliant pass in the first half to Antonio Valencia.

The Man Utd GIF Goals

Patrice Evra 1-0

Bonus United GIFs

Ryan Giggs Cameo
The perfect dummy/shimmy
1-2 with Evra, volley cross
Brilliant pass to Patrice Evra

Neat outside of the boot Wayne Rooney pass.


14 thoughts on “Best Utd GIFs from the Swansea game inc RVP Skill and touch

  1. erikhawkfan

    I look forward to the 5 GIFS after every match. I may have seen it live but a seeing a GIF over and over again makes me appreciate the skill of our players. Plus many of the GIFS won’t show up on a highlight reel if I didn’t catch the match. Thanks for the hard work

  2. dex

    could u add this moment, about which SAF said: “Robin van Persie is lucky to be alive. It was a disgraceful act from their player today and he should be banned by the FA. Robin could have had a broken neck.”

  3. Michael Betts

    Glad Giggsy’s 15 minute spell at the end was recognised on here, it makes such a difference when he is played out on the left rather than in the centre.

    Actually, given Tony V’s poor form recently, and Nani still out “injured”, I wouldn’t mind seeing Young out on the right and Giggs starting on the left on Boxing Day against Newcastle.

  4. sidney rechnitzer

    Merry Christmas beautifully red and thanks for all your hard work, i’m always excited after a game to see what you’ve put up, keep it up!!!

  5. Daniel

    Giggs was brilliant when he came on and I thought he was very good yesterday as well. Such a joy to watch. I don’t care if the Ronaldos or Drogbas of this world are banging in goals using pure athletisism and strength, I’d prefer to watch the silky touch and trickery of our Welsh wizard.

  6. Wojtek from Polska

    Whole world is watching your gifs, my friend. Thank you.
    Yeah, Giggs was brilliant, Carrick was, Chicha was so unlucky, but i hope our best player, number 2, is coming back for the next game.


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