Manchester United 3 – 1 Sunderland: 5 Beautiful United GIF Moments

Manchester United kept their 6 point lead at the top of the table intact with a comfortable 3-1 over Sunderland at Old Trafford.
It was vital that United built on the great work of their win over City and with the nearest rivals winning earlier in the day, the Reds knew what they needed to do.

They started brilliantly, with the central midfield duo of Michael Carrick and Tom Cleverley playing neat passing football and all the attackers looking dangerous with every attack.

United took the opportunity at 3-0 to give Nemanja Vidic a run out on his return from injury which was great to see, and ensured he was fully tested by bringing on Giggs and Scholes to protect from the middle (!).

There were some lovely goals and plenty of great play. Here are my Top 5 GIF Moments…

1. One-Touch Tika Taka Passing move

MUFC tika taka gif

Brilliant one touch passing move by United to move the ball from wide right to wide left. The final first time pass out wide by Tom Cleverley is particularly tasty. Stunning football.

2. Phil Jones ‘nutmeg’ pass 1-2

Phil Jones nutmeg pass, MUFC v Sunderland, GIF

With Rafael rested, Phil Jones started at right back and was one of the Reds best players on the day. Solid in defence, he was also a threat in attack. He knows how to cross a ball very well. This moment sees him play a nutmeg pass and then showed great commitment to get to the return and help keep possesion.

3. Nice play, Robin van Persie flick pass

United tika taka, RVP flick GIF

More brilliant passing from United as the look to attack including a beautiful little back-heeled flick pass on the turn by Van Persie.

4. Antonio Valencia pass

MUFC Sunderland Antonio Valencia pass. Phil Jones Paul Scholes GIF

As the ball is pinged out wide by Paul Scholes, Antonio Valencia spots the great run of Phil Jones and plays a brilliant first time cushioned volley pass into his path. Jones controls on his thigh but his cross is gets blocked.

5. Tom Cleverley half volley pass

Tom Cleverley pass GIF

Tom Cleverley followed up his Derby Day display with another solid performance. This moment like in the first one, demonstrates what he brings to the table – his ability to get United attacking with a tempo. This stunning first time half volley pass gets Ashley Young on the ball out wide early.

The Man Utd GIF Goals

Robin van Persie 1-0 Replays HERE
Tom Cleverley 2-0
Wayne Rooney 3-0

Bonus GIF Moments

Passing special
Michael Carrick hits one long

Wayne Rooney drills one
Wayne Rooney outside of the boot

Vidic Returns! 
Ashley Young backheel, Valencia 1-2


15 thoughts on “Manchester United 3 – 1 Sunderland: 5 Beautiful United GIF Moments

  1. satheeshjm

    Wow! The first one was pretty awesome! If we pass like that more frequently, what with Rooney and RVP in top form, our counterattacks will become DEADLY!

  2. Michael Betts

    Glad the Young backheel I mentioned on Twitter got gif-ed, the fact it doesn’t even get close to the top 5 speaks so highly of the quality of football on display. That Carrick pass in the bonus section is sublime, really spoilt for choice this week.

  3. Daniel

    Great football for most of the game from the lads. Might as well have .gif’ed the entire 90 minutes! 🙂 For some reason I really liked Rooney’s drilled pass. Amazing technique.

  4. liamcallanan

    That last one is amazing. I love the instinct it requires. But for me RvPs backheel is sublime. He is for me our most technically gifted player. I love it. Love the gifs top work!

  5. Craig

    What I love about No.3 is Cleverley’s pass to Rooney. Under pressure 9/10 times the CM would pass it back to Rio (watch him call for it with his hands). Instead he’s had the vision and composure to dink it round to Roo. Sometimes he tries this sort of thing and doesn’t quite pull it off, we need to be patient with him, the kid will be class.

    1. beautifullyred Post author

      Totally agree mate. He offers something very different to any of the other CMs. He has this ability to help us play at a tempo which gets the best out of the other attackers,

  6. Kimi Jay Jamalus (@kimi_jay)

    Clevz’s half-volley pass really was something. The ball from Wazza was coming at him fast and he knew he wanted to get the ball out to Young, but his technique was so perfect that Young didn’t even have to break his stride. Long may it continue!

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