The winner of the November GIF Moment of the Month Poll is…

Thank you to everyone who voted in the November GIF Moment of the Month Poll.

The votes have been counted and the results are, in reverse order, as follow…

5th place (4% of the votes) – Chris Smalling ‘Cruyff Turn’ (v Norwich)

Chris Smalling cruyff turn v norwich gif

Chris Smalling went all Dutch on us with this beautiful turn inside the Norwich area to find space and get a shot away

4th Place (4%) – Chris Smalling header (v Aston Villa)

Smalling header gif

One for the defender enthusiasts out there, Chris Smalling helps clear late pressure v Aston Villa with this brilliant header. Commanding and committed.

3rd Place (17%) – Wayne Rooney assist (v Braga)

Rooney assist GIF

Stunning little backheel flick by Wayne Rooney to the unmarked Javier Hernandez to, eventually score.

2nd Place (33%) – Anderson pass (v West Ham)

Anderson pass gif

Stunning outside of the boot pass by Anderson to release Evra on the left wing. Beautiful.

and your winner is… 1st Place (42%) – Rafael skill (v Norwich)

Rafael skill gif

Rafael bursts into the box, backheel drags it past one defender, jinks past another and then sadly gets his shot blocked.

Thanks again for all your votes. x


6 thoughts on “The winner of the November GIF Moment of the Month Poll is…

  1. Zi Indefatigable

    These fucking nutters. Anderson’s pass was spectacular. Rafa just did a Maradona turn. Love Rafa but LOOK AT THAT FUCKING PASS! DID YOU EVEN LOOK AT IT BEFORE VOTING?

  2. Daniel

    Zi: Although I agree with you about the Ando pass, you really need to chill! This is all just a bit of fun. Nothing to get too worked up about.

  3. Daniel

    Some great moments from the game today. Remember a Carrick diagonal ball to Valencia far out on the wing in the first half. Also, Cleverley had several great interchanges with Rooney and Carrick before beautifully spreading it wide. Great attacking performance all around. Could do with some better finishing tho 🙂

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