The Beautifully Red Player of the Month (Nov) is…

November saw Manchester United clock up 5 wins and 2 losses (still no draws this season) that helped see them seal qualification into the Knock-out stages of the Champions League and go top of the Premier League table.

For me there have been 2 players in particular to stand out during November, Javier Hernandez who scored 4 times including his spectacular impact to help come from behind to beat Aston Villa, and Brazilian midfielder Anderson.

Anderson provided lots of great moments that featured on this site during for November and for that reason, I am awarding him the Beautifully Red Player of the Month.

Here are his Top 5 GIF Moments to appear on the site…

1. Backheel pass v Arsenal

Anderson skill v Arsenal GIF

With 2 Arsenal players pressing him, Anderson plays a cheeky backheel pass to the free Carrick.

2. Turn v Galatasaray

Andeson skill turn GIF MUFC

Finding himself under pressure from a Galatasaray player, Anderson pulls out this beautiful turn as he drags the ball past him and attacks their box.

3. Assist v QPR

Anderson assist, Hernandez goal GIF V QPR

He demonstrated v QPR exactly what his game is about as he drove forward with the ball from half way and then picked the perfect pass into Javier Hernandez to score.

4. Stunning pass v West Ham

Anderson stunning pass gif man utd v west ham

Probably the pick of the bunch, and nomination in the Moment of the Month Poll, is this stunning, outside of the boot, from inside to out, pass versus West Ham. Gorgeous.

5. Flick pass and shot v West Ham

Anderson skill pass GIF

Anderson was great v West Ham, this time he pulls out a lovely flicked pass to get Robin van Persie in behind. He eventually gets the ball back, holds off a man and hits a decent low effort that the keeper parries away.

So, congratulations Anderson, the Beautifully Red Player of the Month for November.


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