5 Beautiful United GIF Moments from the Manchester Derby

Manchester United went 6 points clear at the top of the table after a dramatic win over neighbours City at The Etihad Stadium.
The performance of United in this fixture last season was heavily critized by the fans for the way in which they showed very little fight in a 1-0 loss. This season it was very different.
United played with a tempo, a purpose, a determination to rid themselves of last seasons shambles and ensure they left the Etihad with something.

They did. 3 points and a huge confidence boost heading into the Christmas fixtures.
There was plenty to admire from a Red perspective, here are my Top 5 GIF moments…

1.Patrice Evra pass

Patrice Evra Pass v Man City GIF

With the ball dropping awkwardly in front of him, Evra plays a superb first time pass on the half volley into Robin van Persie with the perfect weight for him to run on to and cross.

2. Jonny Evans diagonal pass

Jonny Evans pass GIF Man city v Man Utd

Jonny Evans continues to cement himself as a first choice centre back, not only for his defending but his ability when on the ball. This diagonal ping out wide to Antonio Valencia is one that Paul Scholes would be proud off. Stunning.

3. Robin van Persie skill pass

Robin van Persie skill pass v City GIF

As Van Persie receives the ball under high City pressure, he takes one touch to flick the ball up and then passes it to Antonio Valencia over his head on the volley.

4. David de Gea saves

DAvid de Gea SAves v City GIF

De Gea is our best keeper, and for me easily our #1. He has the ability to make world class saves every game. This was no different as he does brilliantly to get down and stop the first shot from Tevez and then showing great reflexes to save what looked a certain goal from David Silva.
Unfortunately or him, the next effort from Toure did beat him.
He will feel he earned his luck which was displayed in this save from Silva (last replay shows hint of moving shoulder towards the ball?) later in the game, and it was great to see his penalty box dominance improving as he made several nice punches like this one

5. Rio Ferdinand back header

Rio Ferdinand v Man City calm header GIF

As a Joe Hart goal kick heads to Rio, he is wrestling with Tevez for positioning He then, instead of heading it back to City plays a lovely little back header to help United keep possession.

The Man Utd GIF Goals

Wayne Rooney 1-0 Van Perise chest pass in Build up & Replays of finish
Wayne Rooney 2-0
Robin van Persie (with celebrations) 3-2 Replays

Bonus GIFs

Ashley Young skill pass flick
Rio Ferdinand last ditch defending
Robin van Persie Cryuff turn
Van Persie hits the bar

Match Reports
Via Stretford-End

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18 thoughts on “5 Beautiful United GIF Moments from the Manchester Derby

  1. NiLok

    the funny thing about the build-up to the first goal was that when Robin performed that chest pass I tought: “this is definitely going to be presented on Beautifully Red”. and then Rooney scored, so it was just obvious. πŸ˜‰

  2. Ashwin

    I would like to see some defensive skills as well. Especially Smalling in that one on one against Aguero and the tackle on Dzeko. Absolutely brilliant defending.

    1. beautifullyred Post author

      Im sure everyone would but im not sure you realise how much time and effort it takes to do a full post.

      I can not include everything.

      I have included Rios defending as a bonus and our defence has featured lots over the season.

      Thanks for the comment though, feedback taken on board.

      1. Ashwin

        Dont get me wrong here, I didn’t mean that you don’t include defensive skills. I was referring to this game because our defence for once was fantastic and solid.

        I actually loved the Rafael one which you showed in the West ham game, the one on one against Jarvis, superb defending, and I felt Smalling deserved one as well.

        Carry on the good work!

  3. Maiko

    What’s even more beautiful about Evans’ pass, is that he did it with his right leg. Him being left footed, it’s quite impressive!

    1. Daniel

      I think he’s right footed. Decent with both feet tho. He’s got that diagonal ball in his locker. Seen it on display a few times already this season. Great stuff!

  4. saulosml

    Evans scholesed on his pass aheuaheueaheuahae
    and Persie skills at #3 and when hits the bar… omg, he scores when he fuc***** wants it.
    Robin Van Perfect *-*

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  6. chrisnel

    That’s why mufc supporters are class. Look at the game and appreciate not just the goal scoring moments. Apart from passes and the like we are looking for character – individually and as a team.

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  10. murt

    Think I would have Jones in it when he caught Tevez with the elbow at the end.. Brillant example of stealth Ninja Skill!!!


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