12 GIFs of Cantona: No 6 – A thunderous strike…

On the 6th GIF of Cantona, Beautifully Red gave to me…

… a rocket of a free kick!

Eric Cantona Goal v Arsenal 19/9/1993

Eric Cantona scored the only goal of the game to beat rivals Arsenal at Old Trafford, and what a goal it was to do so.

GIF Cantona free kick v Arsenal
After the ball is touched to Cantona he hits a thunderous rocket of a strike into the top corner of David Seaman’s goal. As they said in commentary, the keeper had time to see it but could do nothing about it!

Sir Alex Ferguson said of the strike – “The game was all about Cantona’s goal, an incredible hit..the goal was special”

12 GIFs of Cantona

No 1 – The very begining
No 2 – Counter Attacking brilliance
No 3 – Stunning through-ball assist
No 4 – “It was a pass”
No 5 – Derby Day Delight


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