GIFS! Beautifully Reds Top 5 United Goals of October

Manchester United gave us plenty of entertainment during October, picking up 5 wins and 1 loss. Those 6 games saw United score 19 goals and a plethora of amazing GIF Moments (Vote for your favourite GIF moments in the POLL).

Here are Beautifully Reds Top 5 United goals for October…

5. Wayne Rooney v Stoke City

After laying the ball out wide to Robin van Persie he sprints into the box to get on the end of  a stunning cross by the Dutchman. It was screaming Goal the minute it left his left boot.

Talking of good headed goals from delicious crosses, this one by Danny Welbeck was unlucky to miss out on the top 5.

4. Javier Hernandez v Chelsea

The finish was as deadly as you would expect from the Hernandez but the pass from Anderson really makes the goal. Brilliant early slide rule pass to release the Mexican striker.

3. Robin van Persie v FC Cluj

Brilliant pass by Wayne Rooney and a clever finish by Van Persie as the duo show their first signs of what could be a lethal striking partnership.

2. Tom Cleverley v Newcastle

It might be said that it was a cross, but his official word was that he saw the keeper and went for it. I will take his word for it and enjoy a stunning finish, lobbing the keeper for his first United League goal.

1. Nani v Chelsea

For such a frustrating player outside the box at times, you get Nani inside the box and his finishing is top draw. We have seen this little dink finish more than once, this time after a neat 1-2 with Anderson.

Tough call to pick between Cleverley and Nani but I have a soft spot for 1-2s and cheeky finishes so Nani pips it.

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