Aston Villa v Manchester United: 5 Beautiful United GIF Moments

Manchester United came from behind to win (the 5th time this season they have made the comeback) and open a 4 points gap at the top of the table (Chelsea play Liverpool today).

Much like in Braga, United were average at best in the first half and were deservedly punished as Villa scored just before the break to take the lead.
Sir Alex Ferguson made a change at HT and brought on Javier Hernandez. He was unable to make any impact before Villa went 2-0 up. The Mexican striker wasn’t to be kept out the headlines for long though with a 2nd half hat-trick to win United all 3 points.

It was yet another brilliant gameto watch for the neutral and heart punishing for United fans but they came good and produced some class moments for us to enjoy. Here are my top 5 GIFS…

1. Ashley Young skill

A very typically beautiful pass by Paul Scholes finds Ashley Young who shows great skill by feigning to stop still before rolling the ball away and heading infield. This helped create space from him to get a shot away.

2. Wayne Rooney Pass

I really liked this one, as the ball is rolled into Rooney, he flicks it up and plays an instant little vollied pass into the run of Patrice Evra.

3. Michael Carrick Pass

As a United cross is headed clear by the Villa defence, it falls to Carrick who plays a lovely first time pass on the volley out wide to Wayne Rooney.

4. Antonio Valencia – One man Counter

As the ball falls to Valencia inside our own box, he takes control out wide, beats his man and then shows his stamina and pace to run the length of the pitch to relieve the late pressure on our back line and give United possession inside the Villa half.

5. A trio of Chris Smalling headers

After United had taken an 88 minute lead, Villa pressed for an equalizer. 3 times balls were pumped into the United area only for Chris Smalling to show his natural defensive ability to be ‘in the right place’ and head clear. The 2nd header is particularly impressive, showing desire and bravery to beat 2 Villa players to the ball.

The Man Utd GIF Goals

Javier Hernandez 2-1
Javier Hernandez 2-2
Jaiver Hernandez 2-3

Bonus United GIFs

Scholes showed of his repertoire of passes – Diagonal 1, Diagonal 2, Flick Cushioned.
David de Gea Save
Robin van Persie rattles the crossbar twice in a minute
David de Gea shows improvement. 2 good punches under pressure.

Here are some great write ups of the game via, R_o_M & Red Mancunian.


17 thoughts on “Aston Villa v Manchester United: 5 Beautiful United GIF Moments

  1. Tatiana

    Loved the ones of Smalling and Valencia. Easy to write then off as poor performances, but Smalling made some incredible and vital saves towards the end. Actually has a great game after the two goals were scored. Always expected him to be rusty at first anyway. Expecting great things from him. Valencia was poor when he was out wide in the final third and in his crossings, but again, it’s just temporary.

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