[GIFS] United v Arsenal: 5 Beautiful United Moments

Manchester United moved top of the Premier League with a 2-1 win at home versus a very average looking Arsenal side.
United were rarely threatened, and had several gears in reserve that were never called for. Robin van Persie continued his brilliant form since his summer move, and ensured Arsenal fans remembered the loss of their star player by scoring the opener and looking dangerous throughoutthe game.

Here are this weeks top 5 GIF moments…

1. Robin van Persie skill

Van Persie, who had already netted his 10th goal in a United shirt, displayed his skill with this lovely little take and turn after receiving a throw in with a defender on his back.

2. Antonio Valencia flick

Much like in the build up to the United opener, Valencia pulls off a great little flick pass, this time with the outside of his boot to get United on the attack.

3. Tom Cleverley play

Despite being substituted after an hour to protect him from a possible red card, I thought Cleverley looked good again in the United midfield. Neat and tidy as well as getting stuck in, this moment shows what he can bring to the United midfield. Quick pass, find space, quick pass, find space. Simple, yet when effective, helps United play at a pace and tempo that makes them dangerous.

4. Antonio Valencia ‘Meg’ pass

Something we have seen several times on this site, you would almost certainly find this in the Antonio Valencia book of moves. Hold the ball, wait for the defender to make a move and then pass the ball through his legs to a team mate.

5. Wayne Rooney tackle, Anderson pass

Ask to play in a position where he must support the striker as well as help out the midfield two, tackles and interceptions are a key part to his game. Here he pulls of a mixture of the 2 to win the ball back before Anderson shows off a cheeky little skill pass.

The Man Utd Goals

Robin van Persie 1-0 (including beautiful Valencia flick pass)
Patrice Evra 2-0 (another goal from a corner!!)

Bonus United GIF Moments

David de Gea pings a pass
Wayne Rooney helps treat an injured Ashley Young
United ‘Head’ up field
Anderson, Rooney and Jonny Evans have a little ‘Ping a Diagonal Pass’ Competition. Winner?


18 thoughts on “[GIFS] United v Arsenal: 5 Beautiful United Moments

  1. Man U's 20 point start from Refs

    Disappointing, I was expecting to see the five bookable offences Cleverley got away with that were all worse than anything Wilshere did. Hey ho that’s favouritism for you

    1. Nick

      I’m sure that if you can provide the timings for the FIVE offences you so diligently noted, the clips will be swiftly forthcoming. Now admittedly the official OPTA stats only have Cleverley down as committing two fouls, but I’m sure you – a clearly bitter, deluded Arsenal fan – knows much better.

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