GIF Moment of the Month (Sept) Results. The winner is…

Many thanks to everyone who voted in the September Moment of the Month Poll.

The results of the 5 GIF Moments, in reverse order are….

=4th. Shinji Kagawa touch (v Galatasaray) (4%)

Kagawa showed great body strength to hold of a blatant foul and then controled a dropping ball on the volley before knocking a first time pass over his shoulder to Antonio Valencia.

=4th. Robin van Persie skill (v Wigan Athletic) (4%)

Amazing skill by Van Persie as he controls a dropping ball and then uses some brilliant footwork to move away from the defenders.

3rd. Paul Scholes pass (v Liverpool) (8%)

Just like v Galatasaray, Scholes pulled out another glorious outside of the boot pass, out wide to Antonio Valencia.

2nd. Patrice Evra Skill, Paul Scholes Pass (v Galatasaray) (31%)

Great skill but Evra gets United to the edge of the area where Paul Scholes produces a truly stunning first time, outside of the boot, pass to Antonio Valencia.

And your winner, with a huge 53% of the votes is….

1st. Antonio Valencia pace/desire/strength (v Liverpool)

Antonio Valencia went into full Machine mode to win United a penalty, and what would be the winner v Liverpool at Anfield. The moment at the start to get to the loose ball first is amazing.

Thanks again for voting.

Previous Moment of the Month Winners


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