[POLL] Sept GIF Moment of the Month: 5 GIFs to choose from

September saw Man United produce plenty of moments of high quality and drama over their League, European and Cup fixtures that month.

I have decided to not include any goals scored, and instead focus on other beautiful moments to have occurred. Goal of the Month poll perhaps?

Here are my top 5 selections of the GIF moments to appear on Beautifully Red in September. Relive each one and then vote for your favoutite in the poll below.

1. Robin van Persie skill (v Wigan Athletic)

Amazing skill by Van Persie as he controls a dropping ball and then uses some brilliant footwork to move away from the defenders.

2. Shinji Kagawa touch (v Galatasaray)

Kagawa showed great body strength to hold of a blatant foul and then controled a dropping ball on the volley before knocking a first time pass over his shoulder to Antonio Valencia.

3. Patrice Evra Skill, Paul Scholes Pass (v Galatasaray)

Great skill but Evra gets United to the edge of the area where Paul Scholes produces a truly stunning first time, outside of the boot, pass to Antonio Valencia.

4. Paul Scholes pass (v Liverpool)

Just like v Galatasaray, Scholes pulled out another glorious outside of the boot pass, out wide to Antonio Valencia.

5. Antonio Valencia pace/desire/strength (v Liverpool)

Antonio Valencia went into full Machine mode to win United a penalty, and what would be the winner v Liverpool at Anfield. The moment at the start to get to the loose ball first is amazing.

So there are your 5 GIFs to choose from. Vote for your favourite…

Previous Moment of the Month Winners


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