15/9/12 Manchester United v Wigan Athletic: 5 Beautiful GIF Moments

Manchester United overcame a slow first half to score 4 unanswered 2nd half goals versus a Wigan side with a poor record at Old Trafford.
Two of the United new boys again scored on their home debuts for Man Utd as the Reds took advantage of dropped points by their rivals.

Here are this weeks beautiful top 5 GIFs:

1. Paul Scholes tackle and floor pass

Just like versus Everton earlier this season, Paul Scholes produced a crunching tackle, wins the ball and then has the presence of mind to pass the ball whilst still on the floor!

2. Danny Welbeck skill

Danny Welbeck was a stand out player for Man Utd, displaying his energy, commitment and abilty throughout the game. Here he shows off his brilliant technique to pull off a jumping bakcheel in order to turn the ball back into the box, which almost plays Vidic in.

3. Nani skill, Danny Welbeck effort

Brilliant direct attacking from Nani sees him easily beat the Wigan defender before finding Welbeck in the box. Despite the pass being behind him a little, Welbeck controls and juggles the ball to present himself with the chance of an acrobatic volley that wasnt too far off target.

4. Michael Carrick pass

Amazing diagonal cross-field pass by Carrick straight to Ryan Giggs. Beautiful.

5. Robin van Persie skill

Amazing skill from Van Persie as he controls the dropping ball and under pressure uses a brilliant next touch to find space and play the ball out wide. Love this lots.


Danny Welbeck volley attempt
Ryan Giggs touch
Buttner dummy pass fools defender
Brilliant passes by Carrick, then Giggs
Paul Scholes Goal
Javier Hernandez Goal
Welbeck Buttner 1-2
Alex Buttner Goal
Nick Powell Goal

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8 thoughts on “15/9/12 Manchester United v Wigan Athletic: 5 Beautiful GIF Moments

  1. Anas

    Great moments but the best for me was the 29 seconds in the second half when Scholes Carrick and Hernandez made crunching tackles .
    Adding another good moment was when Van Persie made a great pass using the outside of his left foot to Nani from the right side of the pitch .

  2. rajesh

    Great GIFs. Loved the way Carrick took away 3 defenders with his turn in the build up to the first goal. And the ease with which Giggsy dribbled past the defender in the build up to the second.

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