PS 18/7/12 AmaZulu v Manchester United

United kicked off their pre season with a 1-0 win over South African side Amazulu in Durban. United with many first team players rested after the Euros selected several youngsters alongside a few first team players.

Although you could tell it was a pre season, and fitness was the key, United did play some very entertaining football. Here are some of those moments

1. Brady skill, Macheda chance

Robbie Brady was selected to start at LB with the absence of any other options and put in a good shift. His ability as a winger shone here as a little shimmy saw him beat his man and start an attack that ended with a lovely little turn from Macheda to find space and a shot.

2. Scholes scoop pass

Cheeky little scoop pass over the defender by Paul Scholes. I love little passes like this.

3. Berbatov control

Dimitar Berbatov was in the mood to entertain all game (see the Bonus section) but this was too good to not highlight. Dropping ball gets the Berbatov sex treatment.

4. Berbatov volley

Berbatov shows off his world class technique with this stunning volleyed attempt from a Brady corner. Berbagasm.

5. Macheda, Brady 1-2

Brady and Macheda play some nice football to work space. Nice little backheel pass from Kiko.


Lots more Berberotica (Touches, Turns and Passes)
Macheda Goal
Scholes 1-2 and pass


2 thoughts on “PS 18/7/12 AmaZulu v Manchester United

  1. matinde

    that was amighty control by Barbatov, but i don’t like Kiko, scores one and waste 20 clear chances!


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