‘Beautifully Red’ Moment of the Season 11/12 Poll

United sadly finished the season trophyless, but will come back next season to challenge on all fronts I have no doubts. Valuable lessons have been learnt by some of our very talented youngsters, and early transfer mumblings suggest SAF will finally enhance our central midfield *prays*

United have played some stunning football this season and produced some beautiful moments. Here are a selection of 10 for you to vote your favourite.

1. Nani v Man City

My goal of the season, and a true joy to watch. More angles of beauty HERE

2. Anderson v Spurs, Welbeck assist

Early season, it was so exciting to see Welbeck get starts up front and I was desperate to see him do well. This moment is all about his assist, a glorious backheel that took the Spurs keeper out of the game for Anderson to tap home.

3. Manchester United 8 – 2 Arsenal

Breathtaking football, stunning goals (all 8 above) and a huge defeat of a huge rival. Beautiful.

4. Sir Alex Ferguson 25 Years

Football Focus Tribute Video HERE

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrated 25 years at Manchester United this season, and to honour that, the club unveiled the renaming of the North Stand to The Sir Alex Ferguson Stand before the home game with Sunderland. Class.

5. Paul Scholes returns

There had been rumours but no one expected to see Paul Scholes name on the subs bench when team news was announced for the FA Cup tie at Man City. As we know, his return has been a success as he ran our midfield like he has never been away, scoring 4 PL goals along the way.

6. Chelsea 3 – 3 Manchester United

United battled back from 3-0 down to score 3 in the final 30 minutes against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Javier Hernandez scored the equaliser with 5 minutes to play.

7. De Gea save v Chelsea

After battling back to 3-3, United had David De Gea to thank for the point with a Save of the Season from a Juan Mata free kick. The Spanish Keeper had been under fire from the media all season, but his confidence grew after this and became a vital member of the team.

8. Patrice Evra Celebrates v Liverpool

Evra gave a full release of 4 months worth of emotions after the Suarez/Racial abuse ordeal and celebrated a 2-1 victory over the Uruguayan and his side with a dance around Old Trafford.

9. Ryan Giggs v Norwich

When Norwich pulled level with under 10 minutes to play, United needed someone to rescue them. A little glance at the script would have told you that Ryan Giggs on his 900th appearance for the club would score the winner in injury time. The celebrations that followed were a joy to see.

10. Antonio Valencia v Blackburn

With the chance to go 5 points clear of City at the top of table running out of time, Valencia smashed home this beauty to give the fans their first sense of real belief they could win the title. This was not to be but the relief and celebration of this goal at the time produced a moment that will always raise a smile.

Now its over to you to VOTE for your favourite…


31 thoughts on “‘Beautifully Red’ Moment of the Season 11/12 Poll

  1. Ste

    Brilliant work to put all these together. This has quickly become my favourite blog!

    I thought it was going to be hard to pick one. But for me, the one that encapsulates the term “Beautifully Red” is Nani’s goal.

    Giggs/Scholes/Sir Alex all joint second. The 8-2 would win a best match poll.

    Are you gonna give the site a break over the summer, or have you got stuff planned?

    1. beautifullyred Post author

      Thanks for the kinds words.

      I will try and do something over the summer. I think I will do some early game from the season that I missed, like the 8-2.

  2. Anas

    A lot of title winning moments but unfortunately without the title.
    I chose the Welbeck back-heel because that’s a glimpse of the future.
    All of these moments will die and won’t be remembered because we won nothing but we will remember Welbeck’s back-heel because it was the start of a great player.

  3. Zi Indefatigable

    This is fucking bullshit. Have to go for Scholes because I cried when he returned by Nani’s goal was out best team goal since Scholes vs Panathinikos, De Gea save was incredible, 8-2 was one of the greatest days of my life, Paddy celebrating against those racist fucktards was a human victory and Anderson/Welbeck vs Spurs was top draw. Birchy, you’ve got yourself an amazing site, my friend. Keep up the good work!

  4. Le King Cantona

    gonna have to say de gea save the moment a legend was born, the 8 – 2 will always be remmebered as well, honorable mention as well to danny wellback hes gonna be a star

  5. chicharito911

    25 Years, will never be done again.

    Citehhh, are you listenin’
    you better keeep our trophy glistenin’
    We’ll be back in May, to take it away,
    walkin’ in a Fergie wonderland.

  6. Sid

    Although i was very torned between selecting Scholesy comeback and Sir Alex completing 25 years, in the end i went with 8-2 Arsenal result, for me it was an incredible result and i am sure nobody expected us to score 8 against gunners, i thought the attacking football from Utd that day was excellent

  7. rajesh

    great work! love your blog..
    i am for nani’s goal vs city. desperately wanted cleverley to do well this season. the community shield game and especially this goal showed a glimpse of his what he is capable of. our iniesta! hope he stays injury free next season.

  8. Sushant Kshirsagar

    Giggsy winner against Norwich..I really though that would be the ‘Hargreaves free kick vs Arsenal’ ‘Macheda winner against Villa’ kind of moment in a title winning campaign….

  9. blakemda

    Turned our season from hopeless to hopeful. It’s a measure of how depressing things were prior to his return that this beats Sir’s utterly amazing achievement of 25 years. Forget the stand- id have named the ground, boddingtons brewery and giggsy’s dog after him!

  10. Drew

    Excellent stuff mate. I voted for Evra. All that went on with Suarez was hard enough, but for Evra to then be subject to the torrents of abuse at Anfield made me, and a lot of others, very angry, to put it mildly. His celebration was a representation of what a lot of us felt at the end of the game, though he was probably a bit more reserved than I was!
    For purely footballing reasons, Nani’s goal against City was one of the best goals of the season, in what was probably the best game of the season! Pity we weren’t singing “Blue moon, you started singing too soon!” by the end of the season.
    All in all, it was a pretty eventful season – captured very well by the above choices! Well done again.

  11. jwa

    Chose Evra’s celebration vs Liverpool, because of the beef between him and the racist. It ment so much to him, it almost brought tears to my eyes. Scholes’ return and Sir Alex’ 25 year anniversary may well be bigger moments for any United-fan, but as I said, Evra’s celebration almost made me cry!

    Fantastic blog, by the way!

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