PL 30/04/12 Man City v Manchester United

Strange team selection, unclear tactics, poor performance, shocking result.
United surrendered their lead at the top of the League and will now require either City dropping points or to claw back the 7 goals they trail on goal difference in the remaining 2 games.

United failed to have a shot on target in a game for the first time since 2009 and there was very little to get excited about. I have, however, managed to find a few examples of good football by the Reds.

1. Carrick pass

Breaks up the attack, plays a neat triangle and then hits a beautiful ball into the channel for Rooney. “Same old Carrick, always doing his job well”

2. Giggs touch

Ball dropping in our own half and Giggs shows composure and his touch to get us moving.

3. One touch passing

probably the best piece of play we managed saw us move from defence to attack, with a series of 1 touch passes that ends with Nani winning a corner from a blocked cross.

4. Ferdinand calmness and pass

Rio shows his calmness on the ball to make space from City pressure and then pings a lovely pass out wide.

5. Evra tackle

Not many would relish a 50/50 tackle with Micah Richards but Evra goes in fully commited, wins the ball and puts Richards on the ground.



9 thoughts on “PL 30/04/12 Man City v Manchester United

      1. Jeff

        I feel the Rio scooped pass over a City players head for Giggs then to have a turn of pace past Yaya (when he got fouled) was worthy of at least a Bonus.

  1. kyle

    This has really helped, I watched the game and didnt think there was many highlights that u would be able to get, although I thought carrick played really well and jones proved why rafael has been starting instead of him


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