Eric Cantonas Month of Magic (1996)

With the Premier League announcing their nominations for several “20 Years of the PL” Awards, Eric Cantonas name appears in several of the categories. Best Goal, Best Celebration and Best Striker in the Team of the 20 years.

The goal nomination and subsequent celebration was scored v Sunderland on December 21st 1996 at Old Trafford in a 5-0 win over Sunderland. Here is that iconic goal for you to enjoy again.

However, there were 2 moments during December of 1996 that I always remember. Together with the goal v Sunderland, these 3 moments summed up exactly what Cantona could do.

The first was on December 8th, in a 2-2 draw away at West Ham

The pass is perfect. Outside of the boot, bent around a defender and with such precision that Solskjear did not even need a touch before putting it in the net.

The 3rd moment of genius by the Frenchman that month was on Boxing day, when this moment of beauty helped seal a 4-0 win over Nottingham Forest.

The greatest Premier League goal that never was? It has to be up there. Beautiful ball in from Beckham and then Cantona showed off his perfect technqiue. The touch, the juggle, the lob. Class.
It deserved to find the net, but as it was it hit the bar and Solskjear was first to react to make sure it became a beautiful assist.

You can vote for Cantona here


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