PL 11/04/12 Wigan Athletic v Manchester United

Poor performance, poor result but after our recent run we were due dropped points.
Bright side is that we are still 5 points clear with the title very much in our own hands.

As for beautiful moments, there were a few and one of the reasons I started doing this was to highlight moments that make football the game we love despite the final result.

So I give to you…

1. Giggs touch, Carrick pass, Giggs chance

Giggs with the control and pass back to Carrick who then slides a brilliant ball in for the unmarked Giggs. Unfortunately Giggs effort was deflected wide.

2. Passing under pressure

Calm defence from United, especially Michael Carrick who under real pressure shifts the ball and plays a lovely ball out wide.

3. Evra volley pass

With the ball dropping out the sky, Evra plays a beautiful little volley pass to Valencia. Love this.

4. Cleverley flick, Welbeck chance

One of the positives in the game for me were Cleverley and Welbeck when they came on. They were full or energy and craft as they tried to get United back into the game.
Here Cleverley plays a lovely little flick around the corner from a Carrick pass which gets Welbeck in only to  be crowded out and Wigan clear.

5. Jones tackle

It may not have been his best night but his commitment was 100% as always. After stopping for a non given foul he sprints after the Wigan player and produces a top class tackle to win the ball back. Brilliant.

Giggsy shimmy and pass, Hernandez chance
Nani pass, Carrick Cross, Welbeck almost
Cleverly pass, Welbeck shot


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