PL 2/4/2012 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United

United visited Blackburn with the chance to really put the pressure on Man City after their dropped points at the weekend, and despite a pretty dominate performance possession wise United had to wait til near the end to take the MASSIVE 3 points home. Typical United!

United played some good stuff throughout, here’s my little selection for you to enjoy

1. Rio pass, Evra control

Drilled pass out wide from Rio and a superb piece of control by Evra. Impressive as it was only 42 seconds into the game. Hows your early touch!

2. Evra back-heeled 1-2 with Rooney

I thought Rooney was brilliant and appeared all over the pitch to help create posession and attacks. Here he picks up out wide and plays a 1-2 with a beautiful Evra back heel.

3. Rio Ferdinands tackle

5 minutes before United got the breakthrough, Blackburn were starting to look dangerous as they began to believe they could get something out of the game. Luckily for United, Rio Ferdinand produced a moment of brilliance to deny Yakubu near certain goal. Huge tackle

4. Valencia scores!

10 minutes left and nerves were kicking in when Antonio Valenica picked up the ball, drove at Blackburn and smashed a venomous strike into the bottom corner. When asked after if it was a shot or a cross he said “50/50”. Like we care.

For extra beauty HERE is the goal with the celebrations. Tony celebrating, fans going wild, the old heads trying to calm the others down. Beautiful.

Replays of the goal HERE

5. 39 Passes, Young seals it.

United played 39 passes before Ashley Young fired in the 2nd to seal the 3 points.
Every United player bar Danny Welbeck made a pass during he move. It’s the longest passing goal in the League this season. Geektastic.

Goal in normal speed HERE Replays HERE

Sir Alex Ferguson double fist pump HERE
Rooney pass for Hernandez chance HERE
David De Gea Saves HERE, HERE and HERE


9 thoughts on “PL 2/4/2012 Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United

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  2. Wayne Povey (@mrgingerwig)

    I especially love No.5. Sped up you can really see how when United have the bit between their teeth they work teams side to side until they find an opening…..then they strike like Bruce Lee! Another great blog post.


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