PL 18/03/12 Wolves v Manchester United

United went 4 points clear at the top of the table with a brilliant 5-0 away win at Wolves. United were dominant throughout and managed to increase their goal difference as well as come away with 3 vital points.
There was lots to enjoy during the match, here is a selection

1. Antonio Valencia “Megs”

Valencia was a threat all day, and most fans MOTM. Here is a little clip to highlight his cheeky nutmeg of the Wolves defender. An early sign of the nightmare he would give them later.

2. Rooney Pass

Despite not getting on the scoresheet, Rooney was instrumental in the win, dropping deep and starting many of our attacks. Here he hits a stunning pass to Hernandez, who unfortunately was offside.

3. Great counter, Valenica Goal

With Replays HERE

United in full Counter Attack beauty.
Made by the early pass by Rooney to release the winger, who outpaced the defence to slam home, and I mean slam home.

4. Valencia Welbeck 1-2, Hernandez Goal

Beautiful flick by Danny Welbeck to give the ball back to the superb Valencia. His cross finds Hernandez at the back post whos’ finish is class, and far from easy.

5. Pogba Control

Pogba with a beautiful touch after a freekick was already given. Simple yet beautiful.


Passing clinic with Evans, Pogba, Rio, Rooney,and Scholes (Click their name)
Valencia pass, Rafael Cross HERE
Jonny Evans making finishing look easy. Goal HERE
Beautiful Evans Pass, Welbeck Goal HERE
Hernandez First Goal HERE


6 thoughts on “PL 18/03/12 Wolves v Manchester United

  1. Felquin

    Really enjoying this website mate. Great idea. Everyone always talks about how other teams play sexy, beautiful football, but it’s not often you hear those terms applied to United. You’re making a great case for it here though!

    1. beautifullyred Post author

      Cheers mate! Appreciate the kind words.

      United are more than capable of playing beautiful football, but also know how to get a job done and make the result the main priority.


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