EL 15/03/12 Athletic Bilbao v Manchester United

United were put out of their European misery by another brilliant Spanish display. United have looked far from themselves in Europe this season and have eventually been outdone by a superior team over the 2 legs.
The reason I made this site was to enjoy the more beautiful moments United can produce regardless of the result and they gave us a few I can show you again.

1. Carrick first time pass

What a brilliant pass this was. Hit first time on the angle straight to the feet of Ryan Giggs, who controls it dead as you would expect.

2. Rooney Carrick 1-2

On a very difficult night for United to play any sort of football this little move was nice to see. Carrick and Rooney play a first touch 1-2 which Carrick returns back to Rooney with a sexy little backheel giving Rooney to chance to drive at the box.

3. Cleverley Spin and Pass

Nice piece of play from Tom Cleverley, who under real pressure uses nice feet and a spin to make space and play a nice pass down the line to Paul Pogba.
Cleverley gave his all but like the others really struggled to get a grip in the game. Hopefully he will have learnt a lesson or 2 and can continue his development as a first choice midfielder.

4. Pogba pass, Rafael Cleverley 1-2

Pogba did ok in what was a huge opportunity for him against a midfield that had already dominated much more senior players. Here he plays a lovely pass out wide to Rafael who plays a neat 1-2 with Cleverley. Ends with a decent cross from Cleverley which was just a little deep of the players in the box.

5. Rooney Goal

Not much I can say really. Pure quality from Wayne Rooney that even had the Athletic fans applauding. His current form will be vital as we enter the run in for the League Title.


Nice footwork from Paul Pogba HERE


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