PL 04/03/12 Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United

Some will say we were lucky, others that we didnt deserve to win. Either way United came away from one of their toughest remaining fixtures with 3 vital points and a collection of beautiful moments for me to share

1. Scholes Pass, Nani touch

Not many better sights in football than a Paul Scholes pass, this one was pinpoint to Nani who with 1 touch laid it off to Phil Jones.

2. Jonny Evans tackle

Already tracking the run of Adebayor, Evans keeps his cool and eye on the ball before executing a textbook tackle to disposess Aaron Lennon as he approached the area.
Evans and his centre back partner Ferdinand have been in great form recently and will be key during the run in.
Who would have thought a consistently fit CB pairing would be good for us? 😉

3. Passing under pressure

It sometimes makes your heart stop but when it works like this, its blooming marvellous to watch. Each pass was a pressure pass, each pass found its man. Couple of lovely touches from Nani and Scholes too.

4. David De Gea saves, yet again.

A De Gea save is becoming a weekly feature now. What makes this one so good is that he has to react to a deflection. Does amazing to get down and save with 1 hand. Fully deserved the ‘luck’ of having a defender finish the job for him.

5. Ashley Young goals

His first came from a clever quick throw between Phil Jones and Nani which Young finished with a brilliant volley. Not the easiest of finishes and with players back not many gaps to hit to find the back of the net.

His second was pure beauty. Similar to his goals v Arsenal earlier in the season, he picks the ball up, takes aim and curls it stunningly into the far corner. Match winner.


United score from a corner! Rooney Goal HERE
Ryan Giggs pings one first time cross field HERE 


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