PL 26/02/12 Norwich City v Manchester United

United came out of a tough away trip to Norwich with a valuable 3 points thanks to an injury time winner from Ryan Giggs. Despite it not being the greatest of performances we were solid at the back and looked dangerous in the final third. There were several moments I enjoyed, here are a selection.

1. He scores goals galore (The Scholes of old)

What I love about this, is Scholes’ sprint to get into the box after his ball out wide. As I said in a previous post, since his return Scholes has played alot more like the Scholes of old getting himself into the box and goalscoring oppurtunitues. A joy to watch and I for one feel very lucky for this second chance.

2. Lovely move, Welbeck forces save

A lovely move from United starting with a beautiful flick from Welbeck to Nani, who feeds Hernandez, he squares for Welbeck. It was a good effort from Danny that forced a good save from Ruddy.
United have been playing some really sexy stuff in the final third in the last few weeks and it wont be long until one produces a goal.

3. Jones juggles

Another great game from Phil Jones. He defended well but also looked dangerous going forward (including one delightful cross (HERE) that Giggs hit the bar with) Here he gives it a sexy little juggle under pressure before knocking it over his head to Michael Carrick. Smooth.

4. Giggs pass, Carrick run

Another example of some great United play came just after Norwich had scored. What is great about this move is not just Giggs class first time pass but the run from Carrick which you can see him make before Giggs even receives the ball. Its great to see both our CMs get foward, just a shame he didnt feel like he could keep going and take a shot.

5. Sir Ryan Giggs


Giggs. Script. Fairytale.
Credit to Ashley Young for a final ball when we really needed one, and there was Ryan Giggs on his 900th game for United, making a nice run to back post to beautifully knock the ball home.
The celebrations after the goal were class, fans and players showing how much this title race means to them.

How to make defending look cool and easy with Scholes, Ferdinand and Scholes again.
Hernandez & Welbeck 1-2, Hernandez forces save HERE
MOTD2 montage of David De Gea HERE 


2 thoughts on “PL 26/02/12 Norwich City v Manchester United

  1. Chicha

    Sort of a tactical battle this match, we always do it the hard way, waiting till the 90th min to pick up the pace.

    Beautiful GIFS mate, especially the De Gea one, do you mind if I use it for my signature on the United forum I’m a member of (unitedzone)?? I’ll credit you at the bottom


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