PL 11/02/12 – Man Utd v Liverpool

Picking up 3 points is brilliant, picking up 3 points against Liverpool is freaking ace. United were much the better team for the majority of the game and produced some great moments. Here are some of the more beautiful you may have missed, or would love to see again.

1. Rooney Welbeck 1 – 2, Valencia super winger

The partnership between Rooney and Welbeck is really starting to click, and this moment demonstrates it brilliantly (as does the move in #4).
Rooney with a first time flick around the corner which Welbeck does brilliantly to skilful knock  back to an already on the move Rooney. The ball comes out to Valencia who gets past one of this seasons best left backs Enrique with ease. Beautiful all round.

2. Danny Welbeck

Danny Welbeck showing what he is all about in one clip. Effort and work rate, athleticism to get to the ball, instant control and then driving straight at the Liverpool defence. He is becoming some player.

3. David De Gea Pass

David De Gea with a pin point bullet of a pass which Rooney brings down with one touch and starts another attack. De Geas’ passing is first class and with his ability to pick out a long ball it wont be long until he claims his first assist (especially with the movement and energy of Welbeck, Rooney, Hernandez)

4. Scholes starts and almost finishes wonderful team move

Beautiful play from United should have finished with the opening goal. Rooney and Welbeck showing how their understanding is becoming so beautiful to watch, Scholes with the instant knock straight to Giggs who puts in a pin point cross. Shame Scholes didn’t finish.
The energy at which Scholes is playing with since his return is great to see. He seems to be getting into the box alot more than the previous seasons before retiring. New lease of life.

5. 🙂

Video compilation of Wayne Rooneys passes and goals
MOTD highlights some Paul Scholes moments
Rooneys disallowed thunderbolt GIF

Thanks to @OllyRamone for a few of these GIFS.


4 thoughts on “PL 11/02/12 – Man Utd v Liverpool

  1. Dhinakaran Anbalagan (@dhinakaran87)

    This is exactly the type of blog many of us fans were looking (and were too lazy to start one, I admit!). Often these beautiful moments are the ones that stand out from the game, other than the result and the goals of course. Plus this is a nice way of crediting players who have had a great game in spite of not being named as the MotM. Keep up the good work Shaun! Looking forward to your posts for the Europa League. Perhaps, if it isn’t too much to ask for, some beautiful moments from the previous wins this season? That would be awesome, although I’d understand that’s added work for ya. Cheers, all the same!

    1. beautifullyred Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. I will certainly be doing a post after the Ajax game.
      Not sure about previous games this season but there is a page called ‘Class from the Past’ that will debut soon. Got a few moments from 1996 to kick things off. Stay tuned 😉


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